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Discover Learning with Neha Dojo

Building Future Leaders in Diverse Fields!

At Neha Dojo, we are committed to sparking a passion for learning in young minds. We offer tailored online classes in a variety of subjects for students aged 7-20. From coding bootcamps to chess masterclasses, creative writing courses, personality development sessions, foreign language classes, and even singing lessons, we've got a diverse range of courses to cater to different interests.

Why Choose Us?

Your Gains

Making the right choice for your child's learning is paramount. At Neha Dojo, we offer unique advantages that set us apart.

Hone and Develop Essential Skills.

Our diverse range of courses are designed to help your child develop essential skills - from critical and analytical thinking in our chess classes and coding bootcamps, to creativity in our creative writing and singing courses, and communication and social skills in our personality development classes.

Personalized Attention For Each Student

We ensure individual attention in our classes to cater to the learning style and pace of each student. Our tutors understand your child's strengths and weaknesses.

Learn From Experienced Tutors

Our experienced tutors ensure every class, be it for coding, chess, writing, personality development, language learning, or singing, is engaging, educational, and tailored to each student's needs. Drawing from real-world experience, they foster a nurturing environment that caters to individual learning styles.

Convenient and Flexible Scheduling

We offer flexible class timings that can be tailored to suit your needs. Our online format allows for great flexibility and learning from the comfort of home.

Enhance Creativity and Problem-Solving

We believe in holistic cognitive development. Our courses are designed to enhance critical thinking, advance creativity, and boost problem-solving skills. Whether it's thinking outside the box in chess, finding innovative solutions in coding, or adapting to new language constructs, we're here to foster a well-rounded learning experience.

About Our Summer Courses

Learning at Neha Dojo is a unique, personalized experience across all our summer courses. For every subject, we start by teaching the basics in an engaging and simplified way, making it fun and easy for beginners. As students progress, they're introduced to advanced techniques and strategies, whether it's mastering Python in our coding bootcamp, crafting compelling narratives in our creative writing course, improving communication skills in personality development, conquering conversational challenges in foreign language classes, or hitting the right notes in singing. Every student is assigned a dedicated tutor, ensuring undivided attention and a tailor-made learning plan. With our practical learning approach, students won't just be learning; they'll experience the thrill of acquiring new skills and knowledge.

Ignite Your Child's Potential with Our Summer Courses