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Discover Chess with Neha Dojo

Building The Chess Masters!

At Neha Dojo, we are committed to sparking a passion for chess in young minds. We offer tailored online classes for students aged 7-20, where they can explore the fascinating world of the game.

Why Choose Us?

Your Gains

Making the right choice for your child's learning is paramount. At Neha Dojo, we offer unique advantages that set us apart.

Develop Critical Thinking Skills.

Our chess classes help developing your child's ability of critical thinking by fostering strategic planning, improving problem-solving abilities, and promoting analytical thinking through evaluating positions opponent moves.

Personalized Attention For Each Student

We ensure individual attention in our classes to cater to the learning style and pace of each student. Our tutors understand your child's strengths and weaknesses.

Learn From Experienced Tutors

Each session with our tutors fosters strategic thinking and problem-solving through chess. Drawing from real-world experience, they ensure every class is engaging, educational, and tailored to each student's needs

Advance Your Creativity And Problem-Solving

Playing chess not only enhances critical thinking but also advances creativity and problem-solving skills. It challenges players to think outside the box, find innovative solutions, and adapt to ever-changing game situations, fostering a well-rounded cognitive development.

Convenient and Flexible Scheduling

We offer flexible class timings that can be tailored to suit your needs. Our online format allows for great flexibility and learning from the comfort of home.

About Our Chess Classes

Learning Chess at Neha Dojo is a unique, personalized experience. We start by teaching the basics in an engaging and simplified way, making it fun and easy for beginners. As students progress, they're introduced to advanced moves and strategies to conquer the board. Every student is assigned a dedicated tutor, ensuring undivided attention and a tailor-made learning plan. With our practical learning approach, students won't just be learning; they'll experience the thrill of the board game.

Ignite Your Child's Strategic Thinking With Chess